Say hello to Bidita Bag! A product new entrant in Bollywood, she is already being confused for two big celebrities.We think it's those waves and lengthy feet that has everyone dazed.
 With her first appearance in upcoming funny From Quotes With Really like just around the area, the provides have began to add in. And some of those are plans Kangna had denied.
 Bidita requires it as it is - not as a enhance but as a quirk of tinseltown. “It’s enjoyable how some filmmakers have been considering me as some kind of alternative to Kangna Ranaut. I’ve been provided at least half-a-dozen films by creators who say I fit the expenses for a ‘Kangana-type-of-role’ – whatever that means!”

We'll tell you what that indicates - black edgy tasks or, noisy shrieking bimbo in all-starrers (think Rascals).

 Curiously, Bidita has been juxtaposed together with basic Sunny Leone. “I do not worry Sunny Leone. Apart from my looks and performing abilities, I have inner beauty.” Well.

We'll rest verdict on that one until we get From Quotes Really like With Really like this Aug 3.
Meanwhile, Bidita's even been requested if she would dub for Deepika. One would think looking identical doesn't assurance appearing as well. Sheesh!

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